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Copernic Desktop Search quickly finds contents in your computer
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Copernic Desktop Search is an application I have been using for a while to quickly find the stuff I keep in my computer. This software helps you search for various types of documents, e-mail messages, media files, contacts and history.

While not in use, this application remains working from the System Tray and uses the time of PC inactivity to index your system’s contents, without affecting its performance. Its interface is really easy to use. There is a search panel in which you enter keywords and select the search categories. There is also a tabbed panel that lists the results of your search. These tabs may be used either to filter results once the search has been done or to refine your search by providing extra data before actually searching. This means that you can use the tabs to separate documents from e-mail messages in your results, for instance. Additionally, you can switch tabs to refine your queries. For example, if you choose the Files tab, in addition to entering keywords, you will also be able to specify file name, file type, size, date and folder. Another advantage of this application is that it has a panel where you can preview almost any type of content.

Copernic Desktop Search is a really powerful search tool. In this respect, it can even locate specific words within zipped files or e-mail attachments as well as in media file tags. Moreover, it can display search results faster and more inclusively than using Windows search or libraries. There are various licenses for this program. Luckily, there is a free version for home use, which is rather complete and functional, but if you need to use other features, such as the Organizer, you should pay for the professional version. Unfortunately for add-haters, the program will display different types of advertisement from time to time.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It indexes all types of contents
  • It can preview multiple file types
  • The free version is quite functional


  • It shows add from time to time
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